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About Me

Hello! I’m Kaz Born! I’m 27 years old, and live in Brazil.

I love games since I was a kid, when I used to steal my brother’s old consoles to play, learning English as I played. My passion for making games has started only at 2013 though, when I first took a coding class at my university. Ever since then I’ve been honing my game making skill by taking classes, participating in events, and studying by myself.

In developing games I already have experience with Unity, Construct 2, GameMaker Studio 2.0, and Twine, and their respective programming languages. I already developed using other languages such as Java, Python, and Swift. Other than that, I am currently learning Unreal on my own.

With Unity, my main game engine, I have experience with various design patterns, for example Factory, Singleton, Observer, and others. I also have experience with dependency injection, like Zenject.

Inside Game Jams, I’ve taken many different team roles: 2D Artist, Programmer, Game Designer, and Manager. In many of the Game Jams I took more than one role.

Apart from playing and making games, I have many other passions! I spend a lot of my free time caring for my animals and plants, as well as crafting trinkets. My love for animals has already led me to adopt and care for 10 different species/kinds of different animals, many of those being exotics. Regarding plants, I mostly keep succulents, but I have a fair share of standard houseplants. Crafting for me is as much of a hobby for me as it is a necessity. I started out by fixing broken things around my room, making accessories, small gifts for friends, presentation props, and recently I’ve even taken to learn woodworking!