Classes started!

It’s been about a month that my classes started! It’s been great to meet my new classmates, everyone is very nice!

I was quickly elected the class president, so that I’ll be the one to deal with teachers and formal requests. Choosing to take the position felt natural as I am the one with the most experience at PUCPR and with their systems, also I’m know most of the teachers, director, and the student academic center.

I’m also fully back to working at LAJE Studio. I’ve taken the lead to a project that was close to death, I revamped the design and mechanics while keeping part of the thematic and game feel. For now the team is only me (acting as manager and game designer), a back-end programmer, and some artists who cannot work full time on the project.

On one of the classes, Creative Experience, I’ve also taken a lead on the main project. Both guys working with me lack experience, but I hope that I can lead them in a way that they can learn and make a great game by the end of the semester! For now the game is a beat-em-up kind of game, with some skills with involve death and power absorption, I don’t want to get any more complicated than that so that the team is able to actually make what we are planning and not be disappointed by the end.

Now I only need to get back to studying and try to make the most of my time!

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